The Avocado Nutri Capsule Cream, Mask & Serum – (Combo Gift set)


The Avocado Nutri Capsule Cream, Masks & Serum – Combo Gift set

  1. The Avocado Nutri Capsule Series – consists of a serum and a cream – featuring high moisturising texture that delivers rich nutrition and moisture, as well as nourishing formula that gently permeates the skin, hydrates the dry skin and prevents skin ageing.
  2. Using the best premium breed “HASS” of the California Avocado, this series of skincare line is packed with the rich nutrients of the California Avocado and Cupuacu Butter to provide intensive nourishment to the skin!

Product includes:

  • 10 x Mask (20g) – Mask sheet with Avocado extract and Iceland glacier water.
  • 1 x Cream (50g) – gel-type cream.
  • 1 x Serum (30ml) – Oil & Water-type serum, which deliver nutrition to our skin.

Avocado Nutri Capsule Cream

  • A high-nutritive cream that bursts capsules containing avocado extracts and delivers active ingredients to the skin.
  • It takes care of moist and lively the skin by filling it with plenty of nutrients while sleeping.

Product specifications

  • Gel type cream with avocado capsule and cupuacu butter.
  • Info – No phenoxy / Allergen Free / Vegan
  • Vol: 50g

Avocado Nutri Capsule Serum

  • A lightweight serum with perfect ratio of water (80%) and eco-friendly & ethical concept oil (15%) to deliver nutrition to the skin.
  • Before using, shake the serum to blend the water and oil layer and apply an appropriate amount all over the face to absorb it.

Product specifications

  • Oil and Water-type serum, deliver nutrition to our skin.
  • Info – No phenoxy / Allergen Free / Vegan
  • Vol:30ml

Delivery Fine Print:

  • Delivery takes 3-5 working days using courier service to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia
  • Nationwide Delivery

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