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Positive feedback received from fellow customers.

” I’ve tried many korean masks in South Korea and also in the United States. These are very good quality, smell good, feel good, moisturize awesome! Ordered once, then ordered again, will keep ordering! I love doing this mask in the evening before bedtime, then remove the sheet and wash my face in the morning after getting my beauty sleep.”

Roxy Heart


“I just sort of sit here and let all of this soak in. It feels really really nice and really soft.”

Youtuber - Manders Beauties

“The leftover essence on my skin absorbed fairly quickly. It gave me the perfect amount of hydration without a hydrating film on my skin. Finish was silky and non-tacky. My skin looked so bright, to the point of being white. However, I did not notice any change to my pores, redness, nor PIH. The effects did not last on me, after 4 hours, my skin felt dry but with a thin layer of grease on top. This happened despite me sealing it in with a moisturizer right after masking. But it did deliver what it promised with was brightening.”

Mask Reviewer - Elaine

“If you have dry, combination or normal skin that you feel could do with a bit of a moisturising mask then I’d definitely recommend this one. I’m not sure how much it would affect oilier skin as it didn’t have the oily overly moisturised feeling but it is designed to add moisture so might be a bit unnecessary.

So far I am very impressed with this set and I’m looking forward to trying the next one. There’s one that says peeling that’s got my interest so maybe that’s next in line.”

Blogger - thoughtfulpigeon​

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